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Here's What I Know 


You are an exceptional sensitive Experts, Entrepreneurs or Service Provider


But the solopreneur's life can get a bit lonely 

Your clients and friends are fantastic, but sometimes you miss the days of having a big team to bounce ideas off with. It’s hard to find people in complementary industries who are at the same level as you, much less connect with them.

Your Spiritual Gift Is Your Biggest Asset In Your Business

And your expertise comes from years of experience, hard work, trials and errors, and training. You may be new to the online space, but you’re far from new to the craft. And you want more people to know how much you can improve their lives with your gift.

You'd Prefer To Prioritize Health & Stay Away From Overworking

And make your impact working with the right clients or selling your products effortlessly in a schedule that feels spacious and productive. It’s not that you have a problem with hustling, but you prefer to work your way to the top by doing things that are aligned and meaningful to you.

You've Got Integrity And Credibility

And you want to grow your clientele by leveraging your authority authentically, not trying to exaggerate through hype-up marketing strategies in whatever new social media platform everyone’s gushing over. You want to create a trustworthy presence with your audience for long-lasting business growth.

The Truth Is...

If you’re trying to grow a business that supports you financially and spiritually, you DON’T need big strategies, more training, complicated funnels, huge launches or start anew. 


All you really need is CLARITY.

And to get clarity, you’re going to need to…

1. Discern Your Brilliance

With the Universe's guidance, you will know exactly what you are here to do through what you are offering and how you impact in your client’s and customer’s lives. 

2. Know What's Holding You Back

You don’t just put your head down and do the work, we will hold space for your trauma and tough emotions so that we have a safe container to process all the feelings.

3. Be With Like-Minded People

Who will mirror back at you to support the gifted and amazing person that you are. Seeing your thoughts and plans reflected back at you can be the most profound experience.

Just Imagine Having...

  • Confidence and showing up authentically on the platform of your choice, sharing your values and mission with your audience 
  • $5k to $10k every month so you can continue to invest and grow your own business without depleting yourself 
  • A community of brilliant spiritual experts and service providers supporting you, cheering you on, and referring you clients/customers.
  • An authentic set of offers that feels so align you love talking about it and people want to sign up and experience your work
  • Invitations and opportunities to speak on podcast, featured on magazines, workshops and guesting in other people’s platform
  • A Done-With-You branding, social media content pillar, and unique offers so you’ll know exactly what you provide when someone asks “so, what do you do?”
  • Raving fans and clients who love your work so much, they tell their friends and family and your work sell itself

"What your coaching has helped me achieved is that I can trust myself to have all the solutions I need. They are all inside of me. You empowered me to walk out of the cage. It was scary for me to quit my job and go full time in my tarot card business. But in 14 days, I made 3x more than my monthly income (in my previous job). I made $12,000 in 14 days. I didn’t think anyone would sign up with the high ticket prices you helped set for me but I got clients said yes immediately. You empowered me that I can heal, and I felt good to move on. In fact, my therapist said I don't need therapy anymore."

Geraldine Chua

Tarot Card & Reiki Healer

Introducing Lumen Lab

A hybrid group coaching + 1-on-1 for spiritual experts, entrepreneurs and service providers who want to build an authentic business as unique as their gifts to propel them into financial and emotional freedom.

This Is For You If...

You are an Empath or a Highly Sensitive Person

✅ You are Spiritual and Into Metaphysical Topics

✅ You are an Expert, Entrepreneur or Service Provider

✅ You serve an audience

✅ You’re willing to deal with all the fears that are coming up as you take your business to the next level

What's Included Inside the Lumen Lab?

Group Coaching

Inside the Lumen Lab, you will get two monthly group spiritual and business coaching to support you in building the authentic business so you can move the needle on your income.

1-on-1 Coaching

You will get my direct attention – my ears, brains, eyes and intuition on your business to carve out your aligned offers, release any resistance and draw out your brilliance to show up powerfully in your work!

Private Community

This is where members gather to offer different perspectives, ask for help from peers, share wins, refer to each other and work together to build something bigger. Weekly threads will be posted to increase productivity and motivate members to expand their capacity for the next level of success!

Guest Expert Session

We will gather every two months to attend and watch a presentation from a guest expert, with topics that will empower you, gives tools to navigate entrepreneur common challenges and tips to grow your business.

Opportunities To Present

Practice your speech in front of an audience. You will also get genuine feedback from fellow members who only want to see you win.

Done-With-You Content & Offers

Through our 1-1 coaching, we will carve out details of your messaging and the presence you want to build online. One session alone has helped many clients sell their offers without hard selling. It will be saved for your reference.

Wouldn't It Be Amazing...

  • To connect with like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs whose vision of business and success is through having integrity to self, building authentic relationships and creating meaningful impacts in our clients and customers’ lives
  • To lift each other up, and wildly cheering each others’ successes
  • To use the private community as a tool to cultivate self-worth and reciprocity with one another
  • To learn and be in tune with your intuition and soul self to simplify decision making
  • To engage in simple strategies that works uniquely just for you and grow your expert business and coaching organically
  • To hear other members say “Me too!” so that you know you are not alone in your journey
  • To build life-long friendship with other members

Clients' Successes & Stories

Desirae Reynoso

Photographer & Owner of Vizco Marketing

My business has been going so well! I got my new car and I have moved into my dream apartment in Downtown LA. I think back to our session talking about my sou's desire to be there and it is here now! I am continuing to implement everything you taught me, being more decisive and intuitive in my business and tapping more into my power. It's been amazing! 

Amy Masand

Launch Support & Copywriter

I'm a very genuine person so it's difficult for me to sell an offer if I'm not 100% excited about it. I knew I had value to give after a successful career in corporate marketing, but I was making it way more complicated than it needed to be.

I worked with a 1:1 coach in 2021, did a few smaller ticket courses and a training program for copywriters. Your coaching is different in that you customize your coaching to each person. You give your students space to figure out problems themselves without always jumping in with the right answer, to build up confidence and self-trust. You help me build a business that I'm really excited about. Being able to reinvest in other woman owned creative businesses and lift one another up.

 And I've 3 x'd my investment in coaching and now I have big plans to scale. I'm much better at managing my energy and feel joyful running my business.

April Olson Mata

Conscious Business Mentor

I felt seen and understood. After session 1 you already knew way more about me than my prior coach and I felt like that was valuable and important. You took the time to get to know me and intuitively picked up on my personality and working style. Being seen and knowing that spirit was involved. You were able to reflect parts of me back to me and make them feel ok rather than things I "should" do/be different. I signed 1 new client. I have three more discovery calls!

Hi! I'm Jessie

I am a Spiritual Business Coach, a certified Empowerment Coach and an Entrepreneur.  

I help Experts and Service Providers to 3X their income using the harmonious blend of spirituality and strategy to understand what’s unique about them and their work, and deal with all the fears that come up as they uplevel. After my spiritual awakening in 2002, I became a lifelong metaphysical student and discover the energetic way to co-create with Spirit in my entrepreneurial and investing journey that I now teach my clients and members. 

I also have a product-based business called the Soul Clean Co. It’s an online shop that sells energetic cleansing bath and body products. The business was created in 2017 and was making five-figure income within six months. My best sellers are Lavender and Rose Geranium Bath Bombs, making them great addition to my clients spiritual practice raising their vibration.

I am a boy mom and a wife to my high school sweetheart. I love helping people find clarity to their God given gifts, their voice, tap into the prosperity energy to grow their tribe and sell out their offers and products online with ease using the Law of Attraction.

What Makes Lumen Lab Different From Other Group Coaching?

✅ 1-on-1 Coaching

The maximum number of people I do group coaching for is 7 people. Not 10 or 20 because I believe in giving people each other time to share and speak while other members support them.

✅ Small, Intimate Group

The maximum number of people I do group coaching for is 7 people. Not 10 or 20 because I believe in giving people each other time to share and speak while other members support them.

✅ Diversity

I have coached women from North America and all the way to SouthEast Asia. And my clients' experiences have simply been enriched by the lives of other spiritual entrepreneurs from all walks of lives. I am proud to welcome people from diverse backgrounds and religions onto our team and as featured guest experts..

✅ Done-With-You Services

Clients often raved about the Done-With-You services because it helped give them so much clarity about what they are offering to their audience. When most coaches tell you “you can offer whatever you want”, I tune in with my intuition and come up with what's best suited for your Unique Soul Design so that you can market and sell effortlessly.

✅ Trauma-Informed Mentoring

They convince you that anything is possible if you just put your head down and do the work. Because if they can do it, then so can you, right? Nope… that’s not how it works. Almost all of my clients came to me because they were still held back by their trauma and tough emotions that went on to sabotage their success. Trauma work comes before the REAL transformation. It comes before financial freedom and emotional freedom.

✅ Co-Create With Spirit

Working with my natural intuitive ability, you get clarity like no others. With my claircognizant (clear knowing) gift, I know things about you quickly and have been knowing to be "spot on" and laser-sharp with my feedback, coaching and guidance. 

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