Are you ready to...

Tap into your Intuition

Build a sustainable spiritual practice in just a few hours per month

Overcome Mental Blocks

Overcome the blocks that are making you feel drained and keeping you invisible

Live Life to the Fullest

You’re ready to ditch the shame and start living life in full color (without apologizing for it)

Feel Sustainable Energy

When you’re tapped into your deepest purpose, your energy flows naturally

Become More Resilient

Develop inner coping tools you can use whenever life throws challenges at you

Achieve More With Ease

Say hello to ease and flow. No more pushing yourself to the point of burnout

✦ Introducing Lumen Spirit Club ✦

THE place for sensitive and intuitive people to be seen, heard and nurtured online.

If you’ve ever felt ashamed of your intuitive gifts, or frustrated with your sensitive nature, my club is the place to be!

There is a common pattern that keeps people like us stuck. 


We stop living just to avoid pain. Instead of following our inner voice and creating the life we really want.


What you may commonly experience:

  • Family members and friends telling you to “not be so sensitive” 
  • Feeling like you don’t fit in at work, with your family or even with your friends 
  • Feeling drained and unable to sustain your energy levels 
  • Avoiding big decisions because the stress and anxiety is too much to handle 
  • Not putting yourself out there for fear of being judged 

I don’t say any of these things lightly or to make you feel ashamed. In fact, my deepest wish is for you to be SEEN and ACKNOWLEDGED. 

I know that it doesn’t have to be this way!

As a highly sensitive person, I was told all of these things (and much worse.) I experienced criticism, felt the shame and even struggled with chronic health problems because of it. 


Now, I have two successful businesses (intuitive coaching and natural bath products.) I live in my dream home in California (surrounded by trees, just the way I like it) with my high-school sweetheart and adorable son. More than anything, I’m so grateful to do work that energizes me and gives me purpose.  

I want you to feel the same peace, clarity and confidence in your life. That’s why I’m opening up the doors to my new membership.

What members have achieved

Hear what other sensitive, intuitive women from all around the world are saying…

I am tuning in and trusting my own intuition a whole lot more.

“I've loved working with Jessie - her down to earth, practical approach suited me to a tee. I am tuning in and trusting my own intuition a whole lot more. I'm also stepping into my own power, accepting myself for who I am, rather than being someone that society says I SHOULD be. I feel a lot more confident in my own skin now, and am not afraid to talk about Astrology to other people.”


Tonya Shaw
Astrologer & Business Alchemist, Singapore

I now trust myself to make the best decisions for me and my business.

“Jessie’s highly intuitive and empathetic nature immediately identified thinking patterns that were holding me back from enjoying my expansion. I would recommend Jessie to any female entrepreneur who experiences anxiety and pressure in her business, and instead, she wants to enjoy the journey and the success she’s been creating.”


Effie Kli
Conscious Wealth Expert and Aligned Business Mentor, London, UK

Jessie has helped me navigate my business and personal life where they could work better hand in hand.

"It feels amazing when I see the results in my business. I don't really want to work without you, Jessie. It feels good knowing the tools and things you've taught me. If you don’t engage Jessie, you’re missing out on clarity, a business partner, a strategist, a friend, a boss/ someone to keep you in check."


Chay Land
Strategist Design Director, California


Ready to be an empowered sensitive soul?

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What’s included in the Lumen Spirit Club Monthly Membership?


⋆ Live Monthly Training

TWO 60-minute LIVE training inside our private Facebook group, including time for Q&A
Value: $699

⋆ Live Guided Meditation

One LIVE guided meditation inside the private Facebook group
Value: $299

⋆ Exclusive Savings

Priority access and discounts on my private workshops and 1:1 coaching
Value: $199

⋆ Private Community for Intuitives

Access to an exclusive Facebook group where we can share honestly and support one another
Value: $99

⋆ Monthly Journal Prompts

Learn how to tap into your intuitive guidance through powerful self-reflection
Value: $29

The Topics We Cover in Our LIVE Monthly Trainings:

  • Developing higher consciousness and a spiritual practice

  • Energy forecast for each month

  • Healing with essential oils and crystals

  • Invoking our Guardian Angels' help

  • Client & Money Attraction

  • Energy cleansing

  • Feng Shui

  • And much more...


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  • Save $20 off the regular price of $59/month and join as a founding member
  • Lock in at this fee forever 


My membership is the most affordable way to work with me! (Private coaching is a 4-figure investment.)

Try Lumen Spirit Club risk-free for 30 days.

Because I’m so confident that you’ll be seen and heard inside of the club, I’m extending an invitation for you to try it for 30 days. If at any time you decide it’s not the right fit for you, email us for a no-hassle refund.

Let me ask you…


Where will you be 6 months from now, if you keep trying to deny your intuitive gifts


What would it take for you to step into your own dream life? 

 If you’re anything like I was 10 years ago, you might feel: 

· Anxious and Insecure

· The urge to self-sabotage

· Lacking in confidence

· Unclear about your purpose in life

· Easily intimidated 


Can I share something with you?

You already have the tools within you to make these shifts. My deepest purpose is to be your guide and help you interpret your experiences. 


I can help you access your infinite inner wisdom, so that you can start living a more fulfilling life, that’s authentic to you as a sensitive and intuitive person. 

Hi, I’m Jessie Chiang - Spiritual Business Coach and owner of the Soul Clean Co.

Seven years ago, in my home country of Malaysia, I had plans to open a spiritual spa center called Lumen Spirit.

Deposits we paid, plans were drawn up, but then I found out I was pregnant. Right off the bat, my symptoms were terrible and I put my plans on hold. But the dream of creating a spiritual gathering place never left me.

I wanted to find a way to put my two decades of spiritual training to good use. So a year ago, I started an intuitive coaching business. And I suddenly had a GOOD problem - too many people wanted to work with me!

Since it’s always been my wish to serve with my gifts, I’m putting together all of my knowledge inside this affordable container, so that you can learn from my training in less than 3 hours per month. 

Here’s why you can trust me as your guide along this journey:

I’ve been mentored by: 

  • Rev. Danielle Marie
  • Master Pranic Healer Stephen Co
  • 5-times international bestselling book author and founder of the SWAT institute, Crystal Andrus Morissette.
  • Internationally acclaimed oracle expert, Colette Baron-Reid 

I hold five certifications in: 

  • Empowerment Coaching
  • Pranic Healing
  • Plant Essences
  • Mastery in Consciousness
  • Medical Intuitive

Above all, I make spirituality SIMPLE. 

No complicated chants to memorize. 

No 10-part rituals. 

Just simple, actionable advice that fits in seamlessly with your busy, modern life.

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The monthly value of everything I teach inside of Lumen Spirit Club is more than $1,000 per month.

Now, as a founding member, you can work with me at the lowest rate EVER!

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Get 2 months for free

  • Save $200 off the regular price of $499/year and join as a founding member
  • Lock in at this fee forever!
  • Access BONUS bi-annual virtual events



Get 2 months for free

  • Save $20 off the regular price of $59/month and join as a founding member
  • Lock in at this fee forever 


That’s over 96% off the value contained in this membership, and the most accessible way to work with me (private coaching with me is a 4-figure investment.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Dear Sensitive Soul, 

Now is the time to start celebrating and developing your unique Divine gifts. 

You have been blessed with this amazing internal compass, and I want to teach you how to use it.

Whether you want to be in alignment with who you are, integrate your superpower in your life, turn your passion into passion, I can teach you the tools to build up your confidence, become more decisive and start enjoying more peace and contentment in your everyday life. 

See you inside the membership,


10% of all registrations from now until 2nd Sep will be donated to the Buddhist Tzu Chi Charity

Why I’m called to give back…

I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family.

In fact, I had to work really hard for everything I have today. It’s been a long journey of learning spiritual practices over 20+ years and also being a wife and mom on top of that

And I have to be honest, I feel a bit strange running a launch when I know so many are suffering and it seems like the pandemic is about to go on longer.

So, I spoke to my coach about it and she helped me to make the most aligned decision.

I realized that I DID create this membership in service. I wanted to help the people who wanted to be part of a genuine and supportive group of sensitive souls. And some of them wouldn’t be able to get my support without this affordably priced container.

10% of the funds will go to the Buddhist Tzu Chi Charity that supports aiding the most vulnerable, especially in tourist cities like my hometown (Penang, Malaysia) that have been hard hit by the shutdown of tourism.